Friday, June 13, 2008

Honk if you love it

As a member of the Midvale Arts Council, I was asked to help with props for the summer musical, Honk. It's the musical story of the ugly duckling. I got the list of things that they needed and started collecting, spray painting, and hot gluing. I bought giant teacups, white umbrellas, frog umbrellas, and a straightjacket. I designed an old fashioned camera out of a box and a spray paint lid, hot gluing the black fabric to the back and mounting the whole shebang on a hoe before duct taping said hoe to a box that will hopefully hold it all up. It looked pretty good, if I do say so myself. I decoupaged seven baguettes and some french bread. I invited some of my young women over and they helped spray paint and design some things. They spray painted Miriam's car seat box and put some silver spray painted dowels on it for a television. They spray painted a tennis ball can to be the lens of a television camera. Now, the strangest thing about this experience is that I have no idea what happens in the play. I imagine that there will be six frogs in it somewhere, because I gathered six frog umbrellas. I bet there'll be a news interview because on the side of the television camera I was directed to put "America's Most Feathered," and a microphone with the label "AMF." Somebody is going to have a tea party with giant tea cups I bought in the WalMart garden center. I am excited to see the show and see how they utilize all my props. If you too would like to see it, it opens next Saturday, June 21st, and goes through Saturday, June 28th, except for Sunday of course. You can find more information at or you can just email me. I took this picture before I loaded things up to take them in yesterday. It's not as impressive as it would have been if I took it before I organized them all, but I wasn't thinking photo op at that time. My favorite part is my and Brent's shadows looking at it all. What a crazy world.

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Mom said...

You are amazing. Who'da thunk that you could do all you do AND be a staging professional. good job