Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Major Purchase

Saturday morning during our walk, Miriam and I passed a big handwritten sign that said "HUGE TRAMPOLINE FOR SALE." It was in the 8:00 hour, and I didn't want to wake anybody up. I decided to sneak in the backyard and take a peek at the trampoline to see if it was something we would want. I snuck, but no peek was to be had. On my way out, a guy wearing basketball shorts and nothing else was on his front porch asking if I needed help. I asked him about the trampoline sign and he said to hang on, that he wanted to put some clothes on. About two minutes later, he came out in a pair of jeans and nothing else. Good thing he changed. Anyway, he took us out back and showed us the trampoline. It was perfect. He is renting the house and the landlord said that for insurance purposes they couldn't have it up. They were sad about it, but we got a great trampoline for $60. What a deal! Miriam has experience with trampolines: her Nana and Papa have one, as well as her cousin Skylar. I am positive that she knew what we were talking about and what we were doing. As we were putting the frame together, the bed was tossed aside on the grass. She climbed on it and started making her jumping sound. "Doom! Doom! Doom!" She brought us pieces of hardware and ran around in circles screaming until we finally got it up. Needless to say, we worked faster than we probably would have otherwise. Oh what a glorious time it was for that little girl to finally climb on her own trampoline. It has already been completely worth its price. She loves to jump on it, she loves to play ring around the rosie on it, she loves to run around on it, she loves to throw her toys off of it. She just loves it. She has also changed her "Doom Doom Doom" to something that sounds more like "Jumm Jumm Jumm," so it is also developing her verbal skills. I remember a long long time ago my sister Erin gave a talk in church about perspective (or something similar). She said that if a person didn't know what a trampoline was, it would seem like a very hideous lawn ornament. But once that person realized all the great times that are had on a trampoline and all the wonderful things a person can do on a trampoline, they see it as a beautiful object and value it more and more. That is true and I do believe it. However I must admit that we have already moved the trampoline from the lush side of the yard to the more barren side of the yard because it was blocking the lushness and now its blocking the barren-ness. Much better. I love being a trampoline owner, and Brent likes to say we have a tramp in the backyard. Either way, life is good in Midvale.


Erin said...

And just think of how magnificent it looks in the shining eyes of that happy little girl! Perspective means a lot:)!
As a side note, the grass under Mom and Dad's tramp always grows more lush than the rest of the grass. Perhaps it is a greenhouse effect trapping the heat, or possibly it focuses the rays of the sun...perchance it blocks the harmful UV rays. Whichever, the barren side of your yard might improve with time under cover of the trampoline, thus leading me into yet another tramp-inspired gospel topic: a testimony can grow stonger and more beautiful under cover of protection. If there is no grass to start with, however, on the barren side, I will just use the other trampoline's example if I ever need to use it in a talk:)!
Congratulations on your purchase and the great deal! And good job to you and Brent getting it put together quick enough:)

Paige said...

I think it is that it traps the moisture under the tramp thus growing more lush and green. But that's just one of many theories. And the barren side (which does have grass, so it will help even more) does look better already because of such a magnificent trampoline. On a side note: we passed that house again this morning on our bike ride. They are now selling a 55 gallon fish tank with a complete setup, if anybody is interested...

mom said...

Last Sunday evening Nathan and Penny's kids were jumping on the trampoline in the back yard. As your Dad and I sat and watched in the beautiful summer evening, we commented on how many hours our kids spent sharing their life and memories. I remember hearing your voices in the murky nightime discussing dreams and experiences. I know that trampolines are a HUGE danger and we did have Adam crack an arm bone on it but considering the advantages, I'm thrilled Mim has her own tramp! Good shopping, Paigee.

susie said...

What a great toy for Miriam. She looks so adorable in the pictures! I'm sure you'll have many a happy hour with the tramp!!!

Ginger said...

What a steal! The post and comments are some that I will have Perry read when we are ready to be trampoline owners. He is so anti and doesn't realize what FUN they can be. He was deprivedof the joys of the trampoline as a child! :)

Have tons of fun!