Thursday, April 24, 2008

The First Cut is the Deepest

About a month ago, I was watching the show "What Not to Wear," which I love (and since I don't have cable the only time I see it is when I visit Boise, but that's another topic). Anyway, Nick Arrojo, the hair guru, cut a girl's hair really really short. I have always looked at girls with short hair and thought "gosh, that's cute, I wish I could do it..." This time, I thought "gosh, that's cute, maybe I should do it." The more I thought about it, the more I decided that now was my time for short hair. Last week I went in to my haircutting lady armed with pictures of short haircuts that tickled my fancy. Two and a half hours (spread over two days) and twelve inches later, I have a brand new look. Here is the breakdown of pros and cons that I see with my new sassy cut.

Pro: I love that it is different than anything I've done before. Especially now that I'm a mom, I don't want to get caught in a hair rut, and this is anything but.

Con: I don't want a "mom" cut. But I don't think it is. And the more I get used to fixing it the more stylish it will be.

Pro: I love that I can lean back on the couch and not have a ponytail (or bun or braid or kukabunny) lump crinking my neck.

Con: When I can't get it to look right, I can't put in a ponytail (or bun or braid or kukabunny).

Pro: I love how chunky and textured the back and bottom of it is.

Big Con: I feel that the top is too short and almost punk-rocker-ish.

Pro: With short hair, I only have to wait a month or so for it to grow out to a doable length, as opposed to the cuts that I have to wait six months for them to do so. In fact, I think a huge pro is that if I try something and cut it a way that didn't work quite how I thought it should, it won't take that long for it to be long enough to go back and try it again.

Pro: I love it how a little fringe comes out the bottom and sides of hats, which is perfect for the spring and summer. And when I can't get the top to lay down.

Con: With my hair short, I find that I actually have "bear hair," the kind of hair that is kind of puffy and separated and looks like it would repel water.

Pro: Jeff Hornacek has bear hair, so it can't be all bad.

Pro: With a little product, I can texturize the bear-y-ness.

Con: Even with product it still is pretty puffy, just a texturized puffy that leans towards the previously described punk-rocker look.

Pro: Brent loves it. He has always said he liked my hair, but I have never gotten so many non-requested sincere complements on my hair from him.

Pro: It is fun to be one who is "brave enough" to cut my hair. This is the most common comment from other women. And I like it.

Con: When I look in the mirror, it doesn't look like me. It actually looks like pictures of my mom when I was a little girl. Which is good because she was a chic and stylish lady, but it doesn't look like what I picture myself to look like.

Pro: Again, I don't want to get stuck in a rut, so it's good to have a look that stretches me.

Pro: I really like the way it feels when I run my fingers through the back of it. I've frequently noticed how women with short hair always play with and ruffle their hair. Now I know why.

So all in all, I love the new haircut. Yes, I'm excited for the top to grow a bit and not be so spiky, and there will probably come a time where I go back to long hair. But I'm thrilled to be a short-hair girl for the time being.

And I know that the title of this post sounds a little dismal, but I don't mean it to be. That's just the song that has been in my head since she took that first cut and I think it's a pretty catchy opener...


Hoffmaniacs said...

Wow! I love the new sassy look! I'd try short hair but I already know what the result would be...insert picture of 8th grade afro here! Way to be "brave enough!"


Kacie said...

I really like it. You look great. Remember when I used to stare at the flyaways on the top of your head and then I told you to get some product.....sorry. That was probably kind of rude to do. I just couldnt stop looking....

Paige said...

Kacie, it takes a true friend to talk about flyaways. I had them really bad and I'm sure you weren't the only one that stared. Thanks for helping to make me presentable!