Tuesday, April 8, 2008

First Haircut

Miriam has beautiful strawberry blonde hair that was getting so long that not only were her ponytails drooping, but her hair was constantly getting into her eyes. Consequently, she had her first trim this weekend. Aunt Kelsey, Miriam's fashion consultant, did the honors. She took a bit off the back to create a short bob and added a little fringe in the front for some bangs. We love it because it is such a fresh Spring look. It's absolutely adorable, although we had a hard time getting a complete "after" picture. The great cut just makes her feel so free that she can't sit still!


Erin Wright said...

I can't get over YOUR hair, Paige - I didn't realize it had gotten so long! Are you still thinking of the pixie cut:)?

Mom/Nana said...

Mim was such a big girl during the haircut. I remember when I would give you guys cuts, Dad would hold you down and I would nearly have to sit on you to keep you still enough. Miriam's cut makes her look like a big girl now instead of the little girl she was mere minutes before. Her eyes are huge with the bang fringe. Auntie Kels did a great job....fashion ghuru that she is.