Monday, April 7, 2008

My Favorite Things #2

Thing number two in my "My Favorite Things" series is a website called "The Cosmetics Cop" by a company called "Paula's Choice." A lady named Paula Begoun has studied, analyzed, tested, and critiqued thousands of skin care and makeup products as well as their ingredients. She then rates the product as to whether it works according to its claims, whether there is an ingredient that will actually hurt your skin, and whether it's priced too high for what it does. You can go to her site and look up what her diagnosis is for most makeups and skin care products. She also has her own line of makeup and skin care products. I use and love her daily cleaner, her moisturizer with sunscreen, and her extra strength blemish fighing solution. I don't always agree with her (she doesn't rate my eyeliner pencil very high, but I can't find another I like better). But I always check what she has to say about certain companies or products before I make a purchase. You can read what she has to say at Empower yourself!


Erin Wright said...

Oh I love Paula! If you ever become disillusioned with your eyeliner (which I am sure is great and like Paula says - if it works for you then it is fine), I now use Paula's Constant Color Gel Eyeliner. I love it. It takes a bit longer to apply (I use the precision liner brush), but it stays put til you take it off. I am a huge fan. I also just started using the 2% beta Hydroxy Acid every other night and I love it (It was too drying before, but she had recommended to do it less often - duh - and I am super happy with it). That website and company is absolutely one of my favorite things as well. Good choice:)

Paige said...

Oh Erin, thank you! I love having a second opinion, especially when it is the same as mine!