Monday, March 31, 2008

14 Months Old!

14 months ago, Miriam joined us and our lives have never been the same since. To celebrate, here are some more things I absolutely love about Miriam:

1. How ladylike she is. When she sits she almost always crosses her legs at the ankle. So dainty!

2. Her three freckles. She has two on her right shin and one on her lower back. There are other places I think are getting them but they're not dark enough to be official yet.

3. Her ever-increasing-in-difficulty dance techniques. Today she started twirling. She was glued to the BYU International Dance Show on tv. She stayed focused on it longer than she even does during Elmo's World. After a while, she stood and spun, laughed, clapped, and spun again. Then repeated it a whole bunch of times.

4. How she loves her sippy cups.

5. How she loves reading her books.

6. How she says "thank you." Almost each time I give her something she responds by saying "doo doo" with a descending minor third tonality. What an amazing girl!

7. How she gives hugs and kisses.

8. That she is oblivious to her crazy hair.



Kacie said...

I am loving her hair in that second picture.

Erin Wright said...

Hi Paigie! Those ponies all over her head are adorable!

Paige said...

Oh Erin I'm so glad that you are in the blog loop! I also loved the hair but really what was best is that Miriam just walked around with them like it wasn't anything big at all. What a girl!

Erin Wright said...

Now I just need to get motivated to start my own:)

kristen said...

hey paige. just wanted to let you know i do have you on my Reader list, just forget to leave comments sometimes. But it's so cute to see how big Miriam's getting. Wish we could have met her at the Harpa reunion... maybe next time around. :)

Ginger said...

Happy 14 months to Miriam...only four months to go then the runny nose syndrome starts with nursery! She is a doll!