Saturday, May 17, 2008

Basketball at its (Almost) Finest

After three and a half quarters of dismal basketball last night, the Jazz somehow turned things around and absolutely sparkled. They were down by 13 points at the quarter, 19 at the half, and 16 going into the fourth quarter. But the last four minutes of the game they played some fantastically glorious basketball. Really, it was the kind of basketball that made me glad to be a sports fan. Plays fell into place like magic, shots started falling like rain (five 3-pointers in the last 2:30), and Kobe Bryant, normally suave and unruffled, was flustered and frustrated. It was inspired ball. It was miraculous. It was the kind of play that makes me proud to be a Jazz fan. With a missed free throw by the Lakers, the Jazz were down only three points with 13 seconds left to play. Both Mehmet Okur and Deron Williams got good threes off, but neither sank. And the season was over. But here is why I feel so good about the game: they played like champs! At least in the waning minutes. If you don't make the Playoffs, it is considered a "rebuilding" year. Of the teams that do make the Playoffs, every team but one ends the season in a loss. If we had to lose, what a way to go out! Like absolute masters of the game! Deron Williams showed the world that he indeed is an All-Star, despite having been overlooked for the All-Star roster this year. Carlos Boozer had time to shake the "Playoff Blues" that had wrenched him all post season. C.J. Miles and Ronnie Price showed that they indeed belong in the NBA. The team as a whole crinked the Lakers' swagger, at least for a little bit. The Jazz indeed succeeded in their Playoff run. Plus, the Jazz are the youngest team in the NBA which bodes well for next year. And without sports, there would be no next year.


Beth said...

Go Jazz, Go! I was proud. What a way to conclude a season. I told Dad last night, "Now what's left?" He replied, "Baseball!"
Just not quite the same, now, is it?

Ginger said...

Paige, I just have to should be a sports commentator! It was fun to read your's about all the sports info I've indulged in this year ;)


Paige said...

Mom, Brent calls this time of year the "sports drought." Although he did mention that Track and Field Nationals are coming up, and that this year we do have two weeks of the summer olympics. Besides that, it's just waiting for that first glorious college football game in late August.