Thursday, May 15, 2008

Brush with Greatness

We are an American Idol family, and our favorite episodes each season is when it's down to 3 contestants, and said contestants go to their respective home towns. When David Archuleta made it to Hollywood, I pictured what it would be like to have American Idol come to Murray. When he made it to the top 12, Brent imagined what Mayor Dan Snarr would say and do and wear. Each passing week, we got more and more excited about the visit to Murray. So when it actually happened, we were there. We took Trax to the Murray station and walked to the high school's football stadium. The excitement was rip-rollin' and hum-dingin'. It was all we had dreamed of and more. If you missed the episode last night, you missed seeing Brent, Miriam, and I amongst the throngs of adoring fans cheering wildly for Little David, as he is affectionately known. Here is a picture of (L-R) Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Coroon, David Archuleta, Miriam, and Brent. The Mayor and David are about 50 yards away, but it still counts as Miriam with a major celebrity. Two, in fact. Miriam doesn't seem thrilled, which makes me wonder if deep down she's a David Cook fan.

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