Saturday, May 3, 2008

Some updates...

Friday's Sesame Street episode was the one featuring Ben Stiller singing "These Are the People in Your Neighborhood" with Telly. Instead of the milk man, it was the cable guy as the second person in the neighborhood. My bad. Still, it was an impressive and quite enjoyable sketch.

We DID finally get my car's hood open. It took a home teacher, two missionaries, and Brent's dad's inch-based socket wrench before we found out that the bolts we needed to undo were metric based. After that, it merely took one neighbor only about a half hour before it gloriously popped up. We promptly jumped it and took it to the auto body shop where they fixed the hood latch. I think, at least. I haven't popped it yet because if it still doesn't work, I'll have to do something else with it and I'm not up for that right now.

The Jazz finally beat the Rockets in the first round. Game 6 was last night and they won resoundingly. Whew! They will go on to face the Los Angeles Lakers in the second round, whose first game is in LA tomorrow afternoon. It starts about the same time Sunday School does, so we're going to record it and watch it later.

I spent some time tonight improving the Midvale Arts site. I learned how to upload images and post them, and how to change the "favicon," the little colored thingamajig on the tab top and the address bar. It's really the little things that make a difference.

I think that brings you up to date on my thoughts... Aren't you so lucky?!?

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