Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back to Miriam... but sticking with the food theme

One of my favorite snacks is dipping Wheat Thins into cottage cheese. My favorite way to eat Wheat Thins is with cottage cheese, and my favorite way to eat cottage cheese is with, you guessed it, Wheat Thins. I can't remember where I picked this up, but I think it was a roommate (Britney? Ginger?). I'm sure I wasn't clever enough to start it on my own. However, Miriam has picked it up from me. If we ever get out the Wheat Thins, she immediately asks for "dip dip." If we ever have cottage cheese with dinner, she asks for "dip dip" to go along with it. Sometimes she'll even go to the fridge and say "dip dip," instigating the treat without any prompting whatsoever. She "dip dips" other things, but it mainly means eating cottage cheese with a cracker. She tends to use the Wheat Thin as a spoon rather than as part of the snack, but she is amazingly efficient at it. She has eaten more cottage cheese on her own this way than I thought possible for a little girl who for a while was content with three pretzels as her entire food intake in a day. Wheat Thins and cottage cheese are the most common snack around our house. Too bad it's kind of wet and drippy and not as easy to clean up as other things might be, but at least it has some healthy aspects to it! And as a disclaimer: I prefer the Original Wheat Thins for my own dipping pleasure. I bought a box of MultiGrain but was disappointed in them. Miriam now uses the MultiGrain Wheat Thins as her cracker spoon because she's not eating the Wheat Thin anyway, so why waste a good one?


Kacie said...

What are your thoughts on the reduced fat wheat thins vs regular?

britney said...

I think you got it from me because this is a staple at our house. Growing up we used plain old potato chips, but since then it's evolved. Now we use wheat thins, doritos, or harvest cheddar sun chips are really good. Yum!

erin wright said...

I can't believe how big Miriam has gotten! What a great kid - dip dipping her own food:)

Paige said...

Kacie: I have never tried reduced fat wheat thins. For some reason, the phrase "reduced fat" scares me off. So although I normally love to share my opinionsand thoughts in depth, I sadly have none on this topic.
Britney: I am so glad that you taught me to dip the wheat thins! My mom always spooned fruit cocktail over the cottage cheese and since I am not a fan of fruit cocktail, it basically ruined the cottage cheese. I remember thinking "gosh if only I could have the cottage cheese alone... that would be heaven!"
Erin: She IS a great kid. Can't wait to see how Henry's comin' along!

Ginger said...

Perry's favorite crackers are wheat thins. So around our house when the kids want wheat thins they ask for "daddy's crackers." We also eat them with cottage cheese but it is very occasionally. I know you didn't get the idea from me. I never had enough money in college to buy cottage cheese ;). Cute little girl!