Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Home Again, Finnegan

Miriam and I spent the last week in Boise visiting my parents. We had a great time. Brent spent the last week backpacking in the Uintas, and he also had a great time. As we were packing, I was deciding which shoes to bring and he was deciding how many Ramen Noodle packets to bring. I think I got the better trip. And because this is my blog, that's what we'll stick with. If you'd like to read about Brent's adventure, then you can. Our week consisted of just being home and with Nana and Papa, and visiting Marsaela and Adelle. This picture is from the Boise airport. Miriam was enraptured with this Boise River sign and really, why shouldn't she be? Water flowing indoors? What more could a girl ask for? Highlights included a swimming party at Adelle's house, picking up some great bargains at garage sales (I should be good through Christmas, at least), and having Miriam sit at the kids' table at the family dinner. She didn't eat much nor stay for very long, but she was sure excited about it. Marsaela, who just turned two, loved Miriam but was a little wary. The feelings were returned. But as long as both got a spot with Papa, there wasn't much to fight over. I know, it's not a great picture of any of them, but I think it is a good visual of the tentative truce that was built between the two little girls. Anyway, we are now home sweet home and although I miss Boise, I love being home.

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Mom said...

The first time Marse walked into the house after you left she said, "Where's Mim?"....as tho she was looking for her best friend. Which she will be in a few years. Miss you.