Friday, July 4, 2008

My Favorite Things #3

For years, cleaning the bathroom has been my least favorite household chore. It felt like no matter how hard or how long I scrubbed, it would never really get clean. I tried all sorts of different tub and toilet cleaners, and was disappointed in each one. Then one day I was talking with Erin about mopping floors, and she said that she absolutely loves her "Scrubbee Doo" mop from the Don Aslett cleaning place. She also suggested their Johnny Mop cleaner for the toilet. I went online and found that there was a new Don Aslett store in South Jordan. One fun day, I went in and purchased the Scrubbee Doo Pro, along with the Johnny Mop and Safety Foam. I also threw in some microfiber towels and the Bathroom Cleaning Kit. My Scrubbee Doo is amazing. Cleaning the floors has never been so easy and effective. The Safety Foam is a great toilet cleanser and the Johnny Mop a fantastic toilet brush. But I was most excited about the Bathroom Cleaning Kit for the tub and shower. It came with "Showers-n-Stuff" (the cleanser), a foaming nozzle, a big white scrubber, and a grout brush. I love how easy it makes it to have a bright, sparkling clean tub. You spray the cleanser on with the foaming nozzle, then spread it all around with the white scrubber. Let it sit for five minutes or so, then rinse it off using the scrubber dipped in clean water. If you have a tiled tub area like me, you can use the grout brush to clean between the tiles before you rinse it all off. I have never had anything get my tub area as clean as it is now with my Bathroom Cleaning Kit. And not only is it cleaner than it ever has been, it is easier to get it that way than with anything else I've ever tried. I love the way that my tub and shower area look, and that's not something I've said often. To get your own, go to, or to a Don Aslett Cleaning Center, which are in Idaho Falls, Boise, Pocatello, and Nampa, Idaho, or Logan and South Jordan, Utah. You will not be disappointed. Liberate yourself from soap scum and experience the freedom of a truly easy clean bathroom!

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Mom said...

Do you get a kick-back? I remember Don Aslet used to have a suitcase designed to look like a toilet. As he traveled, he got alot of looks....a traveling toilet! Get a mental image???