Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy 24th

Growing up in a state where July 24th was not a state holiday, we still celebrated the arrival of the pioneers in what is now known as Utah. We would gather as a stake for a grand pancake breakfast, complete with sausage, eggs, and juice. No pancakes that I cook at my own house ever taste quite as good as those cooked on the scout grill by the high priest group leader. The primary kids, having prepared for days on end, were dressed as pioneers and had their bikes and scooters decorated. We had a little covered wagon attachment that my dad made for our wagon that we pulled along. I thought we were just about the coolest ones there. After breakfast, we paraded around the church once and called it good. We got home before it got too hot. I remember when I was in Young Womens, one of my leaders, who had recently moved from Bountiful, Utah, expressed great disappointment in our meager celebrations. I guess it's whatever you're used to, because now that I live in Utah where it is indeed a state holiday, none of the stakes I've ever lived in have ever done anything to commemorate, and I haven't really participated in the bigger state-based celebrations. There's the parade in Salt Lake, barbecues, fireworks, and campouts, but they don't really call to me. Nothing like a greasy pancake with warm Tang while watching the primary kids reinact the historic trek. I try not to be too vocal about it, because I remember how sad it made me that Sister Beckstrand didn't like our celebrations, but I miss the 24th of July in Boise. This year, the Boise Stake is hosting a ~10K (from the stake center to the hosting chapel) and a ~5K run (from another chapel to the hosting chapel) prior to the traditional breakfast and parade. And the parade is still all that. When I was there last week, Adelle invited me to come see her in the parade. She already knows what she's going to wear, how she'll fix her hair, and what wave she'll use. For our celebration, we watched The Parade on tv this morning. Miriam got her flag out and waved with the Tooele High School band, welcoming the pioneers. And it's a good tradition. But in my heart I will be in Boise on Saturday morning, and with that celebration my spirit will feel like the pioneers finally arrived.

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Mom said...

It was wonderful....Adelle had a stick horse with her gingham dress and cowboy boots but as the parade passed us by, she was on a scooter???!!! Marse was in a daze after her face plant in the parking lot but had her sunbonnet on..which also protected her scar from her stitches she's just recovering from. Papa and I stood and cheered loudly with a lump in our throats thinking of when our own motley crew reached the valley-O. It was great, Paigee. Wish you could have been there.