Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Major Award

Last week was Midvale's Harvest Days. Because I am a member of the Midvale Arts Council and because I had a picture I really liked, I entered the Harvest Days Art Contest. I am sure you recognize the picture as one I posted on my summary of our trip to California. I cropped it and centered it a little and entitled it "The Race." I thought it was perfect. There were four photographs in the photography section, and I got... THIRD PLACE! Which means NOT LAST! The other three photographs were taken by the same artist, so I don't feel bad making somebody else be last by me being third, because she was also first and second. So many times I think my purpose for being somewhere or doing something is so others will see that they're not the worst one. I'm no better and usually pretty proud of it. I am also proud of my first entry into an arts contest. As my 3rd place prize, I get $10. Which recovers my $5 entry fee with $5 left over. Anybody up for a trip to Wendy's?


Mom/Nana said...

That reminds me of the gymnastics commentators talking about the judge's scoring of the Americans. If I were on the judging panel, I would have given those two little Moore girls FIRST PLACE! What a great major award:) lyl

Kacie said...

I will go with you....although $5 wont buy us much!

Tyna Kurk Merrill said...

I love reading your blog! (I am now an avid partaker of Wheat Thins and cottage cheese.)
Congratulations on placing in the contest. Your comments reminded me what a priviledge it was to be your companion. Thank you for laughing with or at me and giving me the opportunity to be funny. I know that sounds like a weird thing to be grateful for but in spite of all that I lack/lacked I was able to excel. You know I still have that tape of us telling the story about Macarena's baptism? Good times....Yee-haw!