Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stimulating the Economy

We finally stepped up from our $100 garage sale washer and dryer, and just in time. The weekend before Sears was to deliver our flashy new high efficiency front loading washer and humongous dryer, our old shaky dryer quit working. We sold them as-is on for $40. Which, if you do the math, means we got 4 years of washing and drying for $60. Not bad at all. And we are now washing and drying clothes with the best of them. My mom used to tell us how she and her sisters used to sit in front of the front loading washer and pretend they were watching tv. Now that I'm an owner, I find that it's surprisingly relaxing to watch all the clothes go around and around and around. I think it's in Jack Weyland's book "A New Dawn" where Dawn, a brilliant science student, realizes a new mathematical formula while watching the clothes spin. Maybe my mom was onto something. Anyway, I love the economic stimulus plan! And my clean clothes!

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Kacie said...

I LOVE THE FRONT LOADER!!! Mostly I enjoy the HUGE loads I can do in there. I spend so much less time transferring clothes. Yea for you!