Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sesame Street Again!

Sesame Street is broadcast on KUED (7) at 6am, which I believe is way too early to get up and watch tv. It is on KBYU (11) at 1pm which, ever since Miriam switched to one nap days most days, is out. So I have been a little sad at not having Sesame Street to watch. And Miriam misses it too. But lo and behold, it is on digital channel KUED 7.2 at 8am! That's a great time for television! Sesame Street has returned to Midvale! And because I have learned how to put on youtube videos, here is the one of Ben Stiller and Telly Monster singing the People in Your Neighborhood. I love it! I'm not sure what the little dancing music note at the bottom is all about, but the official "sesame street" version was unembeddable. So just deal with the dancing music note.

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MOM said...

Oh, I love the magic of Sesame Street. It all started when Nathan was 3 and always wanted to go over to Darcie Lyon's house to watch it. That's because they had color TV and we just had black and white. I wonder if 'People in Your Neighborhood' was on at the origination. I know it was with the rest of you kids. Guess I'll go slice me a piece of cheese:)