Monday, November 10, 2008

Have I mentioned how great this cat is?

One of my favorite times of the day is right after Miriam wakes up in the morning or after her nap. We sit and rock and sing and read and talk and cuddle until she's ready to go play. Sometimes it's about 30 seconds, other times we sit there for a good 15 minutes. Either way, it's the only time she really sits still in the entire day. If he's around, Zeke will frequently join us. He sits on my lap and overlaps to Miriam's, which thrills her. He is patient while she points out his eyes, ears, nose, and tail. When we're reading, she always makes sure that he gets to look at the pictures, especially if there's something extremely exciting. Today Miriam was spending some cuddle time on Brent's lap counting dice when Zeke joined them. She carefully balanced the dice on his head while he sat motionless so as not to ruin her project but rather help with the success. I am just so dang amazed at what a great cat he is. And what a great girl she is.

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Mom/Nana said...

We've always commented on Zeke's strange flat head.....sometimes our deformities can be our greatest strengths.