Monday, October 27, 2008

Miriam's first talk

Sunday was our Primary Program, and Miriam was entranced with watching all of the kids at the microphone she has coveted for so long. After the program was over and the room and emptied (somehow it takes me that long to get all our stuff organized back into the bag), Miriam found her way up to the microphone and pushed the red button to turn it on. She got the stepstool so that she could stand up close to the microphone. After a few warm-up vocalizations, she clearly said "Poop. Daddy poop. Mimi-a (how she refers to herself) poop. Mama poop." I was so proud. With no prompting whatsoever, she introduced her topic and gave three examples. All she needs now is a clincher of a conclusion and she'll be set. I am unaware of how many people heard her speech, but as we left the building the primary president gave her a cupcake she had left over from congratulating the primary kids on a great program. So Miriam was well paid for an excellent discourse.

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mom said...

Things that make me proud!!!!!lyl