Sunday, December 21, 2008

The advertising is right!

For years now, I have used Max Factor's Lipfinity Lipstick. It's the kind that is a liquidy paint-type stuff that you put on, then use a glossy topcoat to seal it and make it shine. I usually use just a regular lip gloss throughout the day and feel great about my appearance. Who knows if I really look presentable, but it's all about how I feel, right? Anyway, on their website they claim that "the color can last for up to 12 hours — without touch-ups." Well, this morning as we were leaving for church, Miriam found my left-out makeup and decided to highlight her eyes for the special Sunday-before-Christmas service. She chose the Lipfinity, obviously wanting to go for something a little more vavoomish than just regular eyeshadow. After wiping, rubbing, washing, and otherwise attempting removal, the stuff had diminished but was obviously still there. I attacked it with a baby wipe during choir practice. When that rendered still nothing, I decided to embrace it. I thought that she looked like a little white rabbit with pink eyes, although most people asked who had won the fight. Either way, I'm sure it added quite a bit to the sight of her wailing pitifully at the gate of nursery before she remembered that she likes her class and fully participated. The picture above is her posing cheesily by the tree after church. The Santa hat, by the way, has become a favorite accessory and is on her head about 90% of the time. Lower you'll see a close up of the eye color. Even after her bath tonight, she still had her eye-highlights. If you're looking for long-lasting lipcolor, look no more. This stuff really works!

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