Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Things Miriam Loves #1

Because she spends most of her times with me, I still have a large impact on the things Miriam does or does not do. Still, she definately has her opinion and lets me know if it's something that she loves loves loves or something that she'd rather not do again. So although I have a deep and abiding love for public libraries, it's not just my love rubbing off on her. I do believe that Miriam's very favorite time during the week is her Library Class time. Officially it's called "Storytime," but we always call it her "Library Class." After trying out various and sundry baby and toddler library classes across the valley, I finally attended one at our closest library. The suggested age is 3-5, so I didn't take her earlier, but I should have. It's a small enough group that the storytime leader can interact with all the kids. She has a routine setup, starting with "If You're Happy and You Know It," and ending with a craft. No matter how many times I sang this song to Miriam before we attended our library class, now when we sing it, she always identifies it as Miss Kami's song. I frequently tell Miriam something that's we'll be doing the next day as she's getting ready for bed. If I tell her that her Library Class is tomorrow, however, she gets super excited and runs to the door, sometimes even grabbing a library book to turn in on the way, yelling "Kami Kami Kami!" Even if we are attending the library on a non-class day, Miriam gets really excited to see Miss Kami. When she goes to Miss Kami's desk, she gets a stamp on each hand. Miriam LOVES her stamps. She shows them off to everybody she sees for the rest of the day and says "Stamp. Kami." The picture above is her doing just that. And thankfully, Miss Kami knows and likes Miriam too. The other day we went to the library and Miriam was talking about Miss Kami the whole way. It made her think quite a bit when I said that the library isn't Miss Kami's house, but that is is Miss Kami's work. When she walked in and saw Kami at her desk, she yelled "KAMI!!" Miss Kami, bless her heart, looked up and said "Miriam!" Then Miriam went and collected her stamps, telling Miss Kami all about something or other that was super exciting. I don't know how much Miss Kami understood, but she sure acted excited about it. And one strange twist of it's-a-small-world-ness, Miss Kami turns out to be the cousin of my friend and Logan roommate Kristen! No wonder she's wonderful! Anyway, Miriam also knows the setup of the library, and usually helps me turn her books in before she trucks off to the board book section and sits down to make some selections. She also knows where the videos are and usually requests either Elmo or the Wiggles. I'm not sure if the "Thing Miriam Loves" is the library in general or the class or Miss Kami herself, but the combination of the three is definately a highlight of her life.

This is Miriam choosing a sticker from Miss Kami after her class was over. Please note the marshmallow turkey clutched in her hand. By the time we drove to dad's work after the class to show him, the mini marshmallow feathers were gone. But she kept the big marshmallows to be able to show him what she did with Miss Kami in her beloved Library Class.


kristen said...

HEY! So I do keep up with your blog, but I have it on Reader so I never click over to actually write a comment.
But I started reading this & was thinking, "Ok, this time I have to comment & tell her this is my cousin she's talking about." But you already figured it out. Oh good... I think Kami is wonderful too. And when I asked her at Thanksgiving if she knew you she was telling us how cute Miriam is, so the feeling is mutual. I think it is interesting as a mom how much you find yourself loving the people who are good to your kids. Or kid I guess. So I'm glad Kami gets to be your librarian... I wish she was ours.
Good luck in your last couple of months before baby boy arrives. Very exciting! And have a merry Christmas!

Paige said...

I was floored when Kami asked if I knew you, but then it all fell together. And you're right... one of the reasons I think she's so wonderful is because she's so great to Miriam. I do find myself liking people a bit more when they think my daughter is cute. And so you know, she was telling me how adorable Noah is, so you can like her even more now too! Merry Christmas to all your family.

Jenny said...

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