Thursday, March 12, 2009

Give peas a chance

Miriam most repeated creative creation is "Funny Man." I'm not sure where she got it, but she draws him, colors him, makes him with Play Doh, and organizes her toys to be him. It amazes me to watch her identify eyes, ears, feet, and the sundry other body parts she thinks are important enough for Funny Man to have. The other night we were having lasagne with a lovely side dish of peas. Miriam decided to make Funny Man right there. She took two peas, deposited them into the lasagne and declared "eyes." Then she took another pea and said "mouth." And another for "head." Not sure if the head was supposed to be big enough for the eyes and the mouth to be on, or if head is something else in her mind. She continued on until she had a complete Funny Man. She didn't eat her lasagne that night, although quite a few of the peas made it into her mouth. She gobbled up the leftovers, however, when I served them without the peas. Maybe the creative pull of the pea is just too strong. I know most all kids play with food, but thanks for indulging my belief that my daughter is an especially creative genius.

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