Saturday, July 18, 2009

Already reading

My friend Ginger posted a video on her blog of her little boy reading "Brown Bear Brown Bear" to his baby brother. Miriam saw the video and immediately decided she wanted a movie of herself reading the book to Elijah. When I told her that Eli was asleep, she confessed that she didn't care if Eli was there, she just wanted to make a movie of herself reading the book. So here it is. One of her most-common phrases right now is "I do it all by myself!" I love how it slips in there during the "silver fish" page. Oh, and so you don't get confused, instead of "black sheep," Miriam says "black lamb," and she calls the "goldfish" a "silver fish." So maybe she's not reading the words after all. I still think she's brilliant. At least after seeing Axel's stellar performance and realizing that it was possible...


Mom/Nana said...

Nana, Nana, what do you see? I see Mimzerooski looking at me.

Ginger said... cute! I'm glad her goldfish was silver...If you noticed, Axel's purple cat was pink when he read.

And, my dad is so excited about Dr.Pepper at Albie's. Thanks for the info!