Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Easter is one of my all-time favorite holidays. It is in the springtime, when everything outside is fresh and new. I love the baby ducks and sheep and chicks and bunnies that are showcased. The pink and blue and purple pastel shades are bright and happy. I love seeing everybody at church bedecked in their finest spring fashions. Singing the Easter hymns brings me such excitement and joy. Plus you can't beat a good Easter ham.

This is the time that we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, and everything about the Easter season points to that amazing and thrilling event. The new plants and animals give us hope for a new life. The hunting for eggs and baskets embodies our continual search for Christ. The bright colors symbolize the brightness of hope.

The Moore family had a fine Easter. Miriam caught on to finding and gathering eggs right away, although was disappointed that hardboiled eggs don't bounce. We looked for the baskets and read the resurrection story from our family Bible. Mim wore her new blue Easter dress to church and got many comments on how the color matches her eyes perfectly. After church we had Grandma and Grandpa Moore and Darrell & Amanda over for an Easter Feaster where we had the classic Easter ham and scolloped potatoes. And deviled eggs, of course. All in all, it was a perfect Easter.


Kacie said...

I love her dress! Where did you get it from?

Paige said...

I also loved her dress and my mom actually got it from a used childrens clothing store (the clothing is used, not the children) in Boise. However, the tag on it is "George," which I'm pretty sure is a WalMart brand. So the bottom line is that we bought a used WalMart dress. Does that make us doubly white trashy or doubly smart?