Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break

What a fabulous vacation we had! Miriam and I spent the last week in Boise. It was wonderful to spend some time with my parents, and Miriam loved it. She learned that skooching down the stairs really is the most effective technic, that ice cream is better on a cone, and that signing "please" while standing next to Nana's M&M drawer really works. She loved spending time with her cousins Marsaela and Adelle, loved all the new places to find in a different house, and snuggling with Nana and Papa. She discovered the glories of the outside Boise world. The trampoline and the canal bank were both hits. We had a great time attending a party at Adelle's house, playing at the Burger King playground, and watching the Jazz games that we normally don't get to see. We also went shopping for a summer wardrobe for Miriam. It's a little stressful being the chief dresser of a cute little girl because if she looks dorky it is all my fault. Oh the pressure! Hopefully she won't be too terribly vocal about it when she grows up. Mim wasn't very happy on the trip to the airport this morning. Nana put in her John Denver CD, a favorite with the rest of the cousins, to cheer her up. After clapping and jigging to show her appreciation, Miriam put her blanket on her head. I'm not sure if it was because she wanted to block the sound out of her ears or if she was embarassed to be seen singing about "West Virginia, Mountain Mama." All in all it was a great vacation. But oh it's good to be back home again.

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