Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March Madness

Another great thing about springtime is the NCAA Basketball Tournament. I don't know of anything that causes more adrenaline and excitement. Who can forget the first round overtime victory of Utah State over Ohio State in March of 2001? I was in St. George, Utah at Applebee's watching that game. Brent tells me he was at Grandpa Moore's house. And what about the time that Chris Webber called a timeout in the waning seconds but his team didn't have a timeout and he ended up getting a technical called on him and the game slipped away. I'm glad he went on to have an amazing professional career. A lesser man would have been driven insane. And the brackets! There is nothing better than taking a highlighter to the brackets after a good day of great games. My brackets are never very close to right, but it is all for the love of the game and perchance a bit of glory. The greatest sadness during the weeks of March Madness is the letdown after four solid days of games when you know that you have to live through Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before the action starts up again. Apparantly little Mim feels the same way. Today we went to Savers to scout out some deals. Miriam likes to play in the toy area there and it is usually tough to get her out of it. Today she played like normal with all of the dolls and the stuffed animals and the things with buttons. Then she picked up a full sized basketball, smiled right at me, and proudly walked out of the toy area and towards the front of the store holding the ball the entire way. I think we have a player on our hands. Or at least a March Madness fan.

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