Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Favorite Things #1

I have very fair skin and have spent a long time learning to love it and to quit pining over the fact that I will never have summer-fun-beach-lover skin. I also have a history of skin cancer, so I generally stay away from sun exposure unless I am wearing a thick coat of sunscreen. In fact, if I were ever crowned Miss America, my platform would be WEAR SUNSCREEN. As much as I have embraced my fair skin, it's harder to embrace blindingly white legs. So much so that I have in the past avoided wearing capris or skirts without nylons unless I have some sunless tanner on them. My experience with sunless tanners is that you must apply it very carefully once every 5 or so days. Too often and your skin gets orangy, not often enough and it's awfully pale. The application consisted of exfoliation, especially around the knees and ankles, careful application, waiting for a half hour for it to dry before putting any clothes on it, and hoping for the best 24 hours later when the color shows up. It takes a long time and you have one shot for it to work. If it doesn't, you have to figure out how to take it off (which is a whole process of its own) and start all over again. Plus, if you want to wear a skirt NOW, it's not very effective. I for one am very excited to report that all of that has changed! Jergens now has a Daily Moisturizer lotion called "Natural Glow." If you haven't discovered this, you're in for a treat! I love it because it is a daily thing... you don't have to set aside a chunk of time once a week. It's just a lotion, so there's no worries about streaking or sliding. You can put your pants on right over it, you don't have to wait for it to dry. You can reapply it every day so if you miss a section one day, it'll be covered the next. I discovered this last year and I LOVE it. It has completely changed my summer wardrobe. In fact, in February when it was barely 30 degrees outside, I was already wearing capris! I love this stuff!


Ginger said...

Great! I'll give it a whirl! Thanks for the tip my redheaded friend!


Paige said...

Oh you'll love it! I use the "medium tones" color simply because that was the color that was given to me at the start and it worked so well that I didn't try any other. I put it on right after my shower which isn't really every single day, if you can imagine, but oh I'm excited for you to try it!

JJ Levanger Family said...

Paige, I really hate to tell you but you are STRANGE!! Although I too quite enjoy this lotion I have yet to think of blogging my adoration. Maybe you should call the company and get hooked up with them -- you might make some money :-)


Paige said...

I have told so many people about this stuff that I HAD to put it on the blog. Just think how sad you'd be if you didn't know about it. And one of these times, you're going to see something wonderful that you didn't know about yet! Think of how much fun that will be!!

Kacie said...

I have some of this that I got when it was on sale FOREVER ago but I have never used it because I was afraid that it would turn me orange. I am SO glad to know it works. I think I am going to dig mine out of my closet and use daily. And I TOTALLY second you on the sunscreen thing. How could it ever possible be worth being tan for a month to look like an old bag for the rest of your life. I dont get it.

Have you heard from Natalie lately? I really want to get together with you guys.